• Name: Adam Smith
  • Role in the Beer World: Home-brewer, drinker
  • First Craft Beer you vividly remember: Goose Island India Pale Ale  
  • Where can people reach you?  Read your stuff, websites, twitter, etc.: instagram- @adlamsmoth and BTL of course!

Best of Questions

  • Best Style (or your favorite underrated style): I like a good brown ale. I think that’s an underrated style. 
  • Best beer drinking experience that hooked you on craft beer: my first home brew kit – Joanna bought me a Brookyn Brew Shop 1 gallon kit. I brewed a boring beer but was hooked from there. I couldn’t get enough – I wanted to know and experience everything to do with beer.
  • Best Brewery (either for experience, beer, or both): Ommegang in Cooperstown NY. The have such a beautiful brewery and the landscape is awe-inspiring. Of course they also have amazing beer, oh, and the best mussels I’ve ever had.
  • Best Bar(s): I like Fischman Liquors in my neighborhood, Captain Mike’s in Kenosha, WI and of course Hopleaf here in Chicago.

Quick Hits

  • Last beer you drank? Currently drinking a Chimay Blue. Prior to that I drank a Boat beer from Carton Brewing.
  • Oldest beer in your fridge/cellar: A year or two. I don’t know off the top of my head. Nothing too old.
  • Brewery you will try any new beer from: Jolly Pumpkin
  • Favorite beer to buy for the following settings:
    • Beach: Spiteful IPA delicious and in cans!
    • Dive Bar: Sam Adams or Goose Island. I just hope the tap lines are clean. Might have to go with a bottle or can.
    • Formal setting: Fancy places usually have Rochefort 10 or St. Bernardus Abt. 12.
    • For friend who ‘isn’t into craft beer’:  Depends on what they are ‘into’ – maybe something subtle but with big flavor. Fist City from Revolution fits that bill.
  • What was the last beer that wowed you? Second Fiddle DIPA from VT.

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