October is finally upon us! Cool weather, clear skies, bonfires, Halloween parties, Halloween CANDY…this may be our favorite month! Not to mention that it’s time to break out the heavier stews, chili and stick-to-your-ribs food.

In terms of the beer we’ll be enjoying with the change of seasons, we leave Europe behind as Oktoberfest closes for another year. We could take the easy road and choose Spiced Beer, which includes Autumn Seasonal Beer, but we thought that was too easy and obvious (boring!). This month, we chose a quieter and perhaps underserved style category for October: Amber and Brown American Beer. This can actually be a category full of variance among the beers in the same style and so we’re exciting to see what this month brings us.

October’s official style is Category 19 of the BJCP: Amber and Brown American Beer. This includes three styles: American Amber Ale (19A), California Common (19B) and American Brown Ale (19C).

We look forward to drinking with you!