Everyone wants to drink the hard to find stouts – the barrel aged or the dry hopped ones with exotic coffee or with the rarest vanilla beans added. If it’s dark, roasty and “rare” in any way, undoubtedly the big time beer geeks will seek it out and make it hard for the rest of us to find. Look at any online trade forum and you’ll find hundreds of stouts that people are ISO (in search of), but those who are looking for a world class stout don’t need to look that hard or that far.

Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal is a big ol’ Imperial Stout packed with roasted malt sweetness, deep chocolate notes and hints of coffee bitterness. It’s dark as night and as thick as London fog. Narwhal can stand up to any stout ounce for ounce! One of the best things about this stout is that is lacks any burned flavors. Incredibly smooth and easy to drink for such a big beer! Don't be afraid to age it, either. The 2012 version is drinking wonderfully right now.

There’s also a barrel-aged version that I have yet to try, but maybe someone at Sierra Nevada will see this, feel the holiday spirit upon them and send a bottle my way! ;)