Happy Friday! Here's our Afternoon Bender to help you make the last couple hours before your first weekend beer a little easier.

See you next week!

The Brew Enthusiast writes that people want to read about the macro aspects of beer and not the technical aspects and I agree.  Very few people remember the technical aspects of any one beer. People remember the event, the people and the ambiance of when they drank that beer.
A Story is Worth a Thousand Beers

 If you want a review of many summer beers before you buy, check out this website first. Simple concept, but very well done.
2015 Best Summer Beer List

Tony from Lagunitas created a Tumblr. It is exactly what you would expect from it. I saved a link and hopefully he continues to update it.
Lagunitast on Tumblr

Mitten Brew has a story on my favorite recent beer invention - the crowler.
Meet the Crowler: the newest innovation in craft beer to-go

And finally, my mon-beer (sort of) story of the day.

Baseball pitchers have a lot of free time during their off days and I have heard of players drinking during the game but to have a beer AND then pitch in a World Series game? That is awesome.
Mark Buehrle Drank Beer Before World Series Relief Appearance