Lot's of interesting stuff in today's Afternoon Bender. We start off serious with trying to raise funds for an injured Brewmaster and then we go off wherever the news feeds take us, as usual.

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First, we've previously talked about how the craft beer scene is about community so let's really pull together for this one. Brewmaster Kerry from Edge Brewing Company in Idaho suffered serious burns to 30% her body while brewing beer at work. She is expected to be hospitalized for quite a while but she remains positive! Funds are being raised to help cover surgery and skin grafts. Donate to her if you can help in any way. Best wishes to Brewmaster Kerry and the entire brewery from Beertasteslike!
Brewmaster Kerry's Burn Relief Fund

What new product will dog lovers think of next?  Doggie beer has made its way to ChicagoOdin (Adam and Joanna's awesome 3-legged German Shepherd) has one of these one ice right now! 
A dog drinks Bowser Beer for Dogs

We talked about bringing children to brewpubs yesterday but should the same rules apply to dogs?  Thrillist chooses 40 of the best dog-friendly locations in Chicago so you know ahead of time whether you can bring your pooch. 
40 Dog-Friendly Bars and Restaurants in Chicago 

Are you going to Colorado any time soon? Now you can buy craft beer at the airport from a kiosk in case you forget to pack any in your suitcase! (Yeah right!)
Long-awaited Kiosk Selling Craft Beer, Spirits, Wine Opens at DIA

Forbes tells us about new glassware sweeping the beer world. The shaker pint can die a painful death and I wouldn't shed one tear.  I use a Spiegelau beer tulip that I received as a gift for many of my beers but I have a good assortment of glasses to use for different styles.
Side story time:  I stopped into a bar in Brussels as soon as I got there to order one of my favorite beers, Rochefort 10, and I couldn't help but notice the sheer volume of glasses behind the bar. I asked the barkeep how many beers the bar had and how many different glasses they had in stock - 400 beers and over 300 glasses!  Most of the glasses were specially made for the beer that was being poured into them. The Belgians aren't perfect but they do know beer.
Say Goodbye To The Pint: The Science Of Beer Glass Design

Adam and Joanna grow their own hops in their yard for their brews. But what’s it like to be a professional hop farmer in today’s beer industry when everyone wants all the hops all the time?Farming Hops During The Ultra-Hoppy Beer Craze

The craft beer industry continues to grow at a very fast pace. Maybe you’re also thinking of opening a brewery or somehow getting in the business. Do you really know what customers want or think you do? You might want to check this piece out first.
Craft Brewers: This Is What Your Customers Want

Having one drink is way different than binge drinking but this survey found that 80% of women outside of the U.S. drank at least once during pregnancy. The number seems large but I wonder what the number would be for inside the United States.
Almost 80 Percent: Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Is Common Outside The U.S.

Are you sure you’re pronouncing your favorites beers correctly? Gose? GOZE? Gos-AY? GOOZE? I think we’ve heard that one pronounced every way possible. Check your pronunciation with this guide also from Thrillist.
You're Pronouncing These Beers Completely Wrong

We featured a new protein packed beer on the market last week in one of our Benders for those who want a little added nutrition in their post-workout beer. But how about beer, baseball…and yoga?!
Detox then retox: Beer and yoga with the Barnstormers