In today's round up in our Afternoon Bender, our tour-de-force through daily craft beer news, we fully embrace summer with blueberry pancakes, canned beers, road trips, and giving peas a chance, even when our POTUS won't.

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After winning medals at GABF or the World Beer Cup for five consecutive years, Sun King Brewing opened a new tasting room and small batch brewery off shootTheir barrel aged program is top notch; Hot Rod Lincoln was one of my favorite beers from Dark Lord Day ’15.

Are you a home brewer?  Do you have spent grain after every batch? Turn it into this adapted blueberry pancake recipe from Draft Magazine.
H/T to Fermentation Girl on Twitter
Spent Grain Pancakes

How about a little summer reading list for the craft beer geek?
Beer Town: Five beer books for summer reading

You can now take a tour of Northwest Indiana breweries by bus. Honestly, if it takes you to 18th Street Brewery, then you should take the tour.
Northwest Indiana now has its own craft beer bus

Speaking of 18th Street Brewery, here's another piece that feature them, along with a few more that are worth visiting in Indiana.
Five Craft Breweries Worth Driving to Indiana For

RedEye Chicago chose the best canned beer offerings for 4th of July, hmmm…sounds familiarThis is a great list of Chicago breweries that are currently canning, filling crowlers, or about ready to do one or the other.
Chicago's canned beers of summer

Fortune Magazine highlights a start-up that commercializes home brewers recipes and turns them into professional beers. 
H/T to Noble Brewer
This is how to make money off your home brewed craft beer

Who controls the sale of your sought after ‘whalez’?  It might not be who you think…
H/T to SommBeer
From the Other Side of the Counter

Think you know every beer style and how they relate to one another?  Look at this infographic and then tell me that you know it all.
The Magnificent Multitude of Beer

and finally, my non-beer related story of the day:

Making guacamole this holiday weekend?  If you include peas, you are trying to stretch the green coloring with a cheaper alternative – or an employee of the New York Times.  Even the POTUS has an opinion on this touchy subject.  We want a peaceful holiday weekend, not one full of peas.

Green Pea Guacamole

POTUS says no to peas in his guac