There's so much diversity in today's Afternoon Bender we just don't know where to start. Home brew competitions, parties, holidays, crappy beer, science and so much more. Whew!

Want to have your home brew make it to the big time?  All you have to do is win this home brew competition by Fifty West Brewing.
Fifty West to host homebrew competition

Want Great Divide Brewing to throw you an office party?  Enter at this link and Yeti will visit your office! Not really, but you might get Yeti beer.
Great Divide Brewing Office Party Contest on Twitter

Donald Trump says that Beertasteslike is "truly dumb as a rock."  Well, at least the Donald Trump Insulter said that about us so close enough.
Beertasteslike and the Insulter on Twitter

Two of our favorite things! It should really be a national holiday.
Best Made-Up Holiday Ever? Celebrate ‘Pie & Beer Day’ on Friday

Let's talk a little science! What makes your beer cloudy and hazy? Proteins! Find out how removing proteins can impact the taste of the beer and much more.
Discovery of proteins that cause haze in beer

Another brewery jumps on the grand aluminum train. Odell Brewing will begin production of cans shortly.
Odell Brewing Ends Aluminum Holdout; Will Begin Canning Beer in November

You guys know we love mustard, especially beer mustard. Great Lakes Brewing is coming out with their own Dortmunder style mustard soon. We're keenly interested!
Great Lakes Brewing, Bertman Mustard team up for beer mustard

You probably know that Ommegang makes Game of Thrones beer. And apparently there's a Walking Dead inspired beer that contains smoked goat brains. WHOA. Now, Terrapin in coming out with a different official Red IPA Blood Orange Beer inspired by the show.
There’s Going To Be A ‘Walking Dead’ Blood Orange Beer

Another solid craft beer experience piece of Paste Magazine. This is a great beginner's guide to the world of craft beer. A great read for anyone who is just learning the ropes or wants to venture out more into different styles but feels intimidated by all the jargon.
Falling in Love with Craft Beer: A Beginner’s Tale

Hahaha. This is a funny short opinion piece and it has us cracking up. You know what? Drink what you want to drink and make no excuses.
Shitty Beer Is the Best Beer, and Miller High Life Is Best of All

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