Happy Friday! Don't forget your pie and beer today!

Rejoice, one and all! It's Pie & Beer Day!
It's Pie And Beer (And Pioneer) Day In Utah!

Now that Happy Hour is back in IL, DNAinfo created a map of all the great happy hour deals in Chicago. You can start planning all your after work activities now!
Happy Hour in Chicago Is Back; Here's a Map of the Deals

20th Anniversaries collide with a tribute beer to a baseball legend in Baltimore from Heavy Seas Beer.
Cal Ripken beer? Cal Ripken beer

Next week Surly’s new West Coast IPA, Todd the Axe Man, will be distributed across Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Chicago!
(Todd) The Axe Man Cometh

People always say that the younger generations overdo it and party hard. But according to NPR, millennials aren't the only ones. Interesting that money and social stature has so much to do with. Disposable income? Boredom? What do you think?
Well-Off Baby Boomers Know How To Binge Drink, Too

Solemn Oath collaborated with Belgian and sour masters The Bruery for a special release called Conquest. Their beer is on presale on Solemn Oath’s page.
Presale Information for Conquest

Many home brewers might be considering adding some fruit to their beers since we're in the peak of summer and fruit is at it's very best right now. Here are some great tips on adding fruit to home brews from the AHA and Dry Dock Brewing.
Fruit Beer Tips from Dry Dock Brewing

What a concept - a pour-your-own beer bar! Customers are charged by the ounce so you can pour as little or as much as you want. There's a video and also an article in this link. This is in Colorado, not River North Chicago.
Denver's first pour-your-own beer bar opening in River North area (Video)

Another list! This time it's 19 funny beer labels. Dunkel Buck is pretty amazing!!
19 Funny Beer Labels That Will Add Some Humour To Your Hops

The craft beer industry is influencing business school education. Students at the Miami University’s Farmer School of Business explore business strategy and market trends by using the craft beer industry as a case study.
What beer-making can teach you about the business world

More science! Are we at the point where we can fuel our vehicles with beer? Whaaaaaaat?
Scientists Crack the Secret of Turning Beer into Gasoline

More more science!! Vice MUNCHIES takes us through a thorough explanation of why your beer gets skunky. Psssssst. Green glass sucks!
This Is Why Your Beer Tastes Skunky

A great review of Surly's Brewer's Table restaurant. We can't wait to go there! Nice job, guys. It sounds like it is really an out of this world experience.
Surly's Brewer's Table has mastered the art of pairing beer, food

And finally, a black bear with a discerning palate.
Picky bear drinks 36 beers, leaves the Busch for someone else