Rodney's on an intense business trip, so I'm taking over today! Here's today's short and sweet Afternoon Bender to keep you entertained on this steamy Wednesday. I'm pretty sure that wherever you are, it's HOT! throws out some great numbers showing us just what beer does for America.
5 Great Things That Beer Does for America

And this just for 3 states! Yay beer!
Study: Beer industry generates $252 billion in economic activity

Sun King Brewing has been doing some really interesting stuff lately. Just tapped is their Gen Con 2015 official beer called ““Drink on and Prosper.”
Sun King taps official beer of Gen Con
Sun King Brewing on Twitter

We really need one of these. Why don’t we have one already?!
The one item every beer enthusiast should own

Why go out to a bar, brewery or taproom when you can go to...Starbucks?!
Starbucks looking to serve beer, wine at Algonquin store

A BEAUTIFUL and well-written piece from The Hop Review about Prairie Artisan Ales’ branding. A must read! Their labels are always so clever, playful and utterly weird. Love them and their beers!
Beer & Branding: Prairie Artisan Ales

AHA posts another interesting piece for home brewers. Practical for intermediate skills, learn how to beautify your keezer that’s suitable even for a small space.
Brandon’s Apartment-Friendly Keezer Build

And finally...would you?
Would You Drink 140-Year Old Beer?