Here is today's Afternoon Bender to help you through the last few hours of work before the holiday weekend.

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Mac & Cheese with craft beer is the perfect combination, so why wouldn't a brewery use both of them in one dish? Leave it up to some crazy Canadian breweries to combine 2 versions of heaven in one dish.
Loud Mouth Mac and Cheese

Speaking of delicious food, we found 10 more recipes for the foodie and craft beer lover.  We also have food covered on our site, with Moules a la Bière.
10 Beer-Infused Recipes for a Perfect July 4th

Bryan D Roth points out that it does help to have wider distribution for small breweries being bought out by larger beer conglomerates.  There is a tradeoff though.
A Macro-Brewery Play In The Micro-Brewery Industry?

One of our favorite craft stores in Chicago is creating a new podcast. The Beer Temple Vlog was one of the first of its kind, so I can't wait for another type of media from Chris Quinn. If you are in Chicago, this is a must stop for all beer lovers.  Think of it as beer heaven, without the clouds!
The Beer Temple on Twitter

Active Beer Geek hosts an informative and fun #beerchat every Thursday at 8 pm CST on Twitter. It is normally focused around 1 aspect of craft beer, so log in, grab your favorite beer, and discuss about beer.
ActiveBeerGeek on Twitter

Indiana On Tap is one of my favorite resources for finding out more information on what is going on in my home state. If you live in Indiana, or just driving through, use the interactive map to find a brewery on your way.
Indiana Brewery and Brewery Tap House Map

and finally, my non-beer related story of the day:

I always knew the internet was too big; it must have been our site launch that pushed it over the edge!  We ran out of IP Addresses – its Y2K, but real!  Not really, new technologies have saved us from a potential catastrophic event.
The Internet Is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out