Remember that article indicating that 90% of all beer in the US is made by just 11 companies? Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co. has something to say about it.
U.S. Beer Maker Says Tax Code Encourages Foreign Takeovers

Goose Island announced the 2015 Bourbon County lineup. They also unveiled their beautiful new packaging and bottle format. The beer will now be available in 16.9oz bottles.
Goose Island reveals 2015 Bourbon County lineup

Cool short documentary on farmer, food writer and fermenter Sandor Katz aka Sandorkraut. I have a feeling Joanna will love this dude! Edit: She totally does because her dream is to be neck deep in pickles and kraut every day.
‘Sandorkraut: A Pickle Maker’ got some awesome hop harvesting info from Joe Schiraldi of Left Hand Brewing Company. This will absolutely come in handy when we're harvesting our enormous crop of Cascade hops in a couple months.
Harvesting Your Homegrown Hops

We like these guys a lot. They make great beer, sours and otherwise, and their packaging design is killer!! Here's an interview with their brewmaster, Jason Pellett.
Beer Talk With Jason Pellett of Orpheus Brewing

A deeper look into the mystery and controversy behind Not Your Father’s Root Beer. This is a very interesting read.
Not Your Father’s Root Beer: My Strange Visit to Small Town Brewery

Are you an artist? Have you ever thought of designing a beer label? Well, Arcade Brewing here in Chicago is running another “Public Brew” in which they challenge their fans to name and design a label for a new beer. This will be the 5th of the series.
Details about Public Brew on Arcade Brewery's Site

Oh yeah, one of our favorite breweries, 18th Street, is releasing their Double IPA Sinister this Saturday. I have a feeling there will be quite a few folks there. Don’t forget to check their parking map on their site too.
18th Street Brewery Sinister Release Info

A few days ago, we heard about a black bear that had discerning taste in beer. Now, a Polish badger named Wandzia has her own afternoon bender on the beach. The Guardian reported she was surrounded by SEVEN empty bottles of beer and hid two in the bushes. We can't make this stuff up, guys.
A Badger in Poland Drank Too Much Beer