We're baaaaack! We hope you had an awesome beer-and-bbq filled weekend, but now it's back to the grind.

In today's round up in the Afternoon Bender we look at sexism in the beer industry, bootlegging, off-flavors in your beer, and breweries experimenting with different products.

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This is a topic that pops up every so often and Will Gordon is spot on this article regarding the rampant use of sexism on beer labels.
Craft Brewing Has a Sexism Problem

"Beer mail" is apparently more than just trading beers with buddies through mail carriers, even though you're really not supposed to do that. Shhhh!!
Modern Day Bootleggers Are Making a Killing With Craft Beer

Nice outline of the off-flavors that commonly occur in home-brewed beers, how to avoid them next time, and what flavors to look for in commercial beers.
HomeBrew Off Flavors and How to Avoid

Speaking of off-flavors...
Danish Festival Will Collect Urine to Make Beer

The list is meh, but when you find a list that includes the 'beeriest' beach towns, I feel like you can find one thing on here that is useable when traveling.
Thanks to dzyngrl on Twitter
American's Beeriest Beach Towns 2015

A great interview with Todd Haug, Surly's bad ass brewmaster. Forget about Adam's brewmaster aspirations, Joanna pretty much wants to be this guy when she grows up.
Talking Expansion and The Next Level of Craft Beer With Surly’s Todd Haug

PBR is starting to see a decline. This is about time in my opinion. There are plenty of small breweries making $7-$10 six packs nowadays, so you can spend an extra couple of bucks and drink a quality beer. 
Is PBR still cool? America's hipster beer is slowing down

As growlers are becoming more popular, we've seen more states legislate for growler sales at breweries themselves, and even at gas stations. Now, Kroger gets in on the game.
Kroger (KR) to add craft beer taps at select stores

There are nine versions of pale ales and only one other beer style, a stout, on this list. The list also leans West Coast, as seven breweries are located there – along with two in Michigan, and only one on the east coast. Missing from the list are many of my favorites - Revolution, Half Acre, Three Floyd's anyone??  I guess craft beer enthusiasts also forgot about all Lagers and Sours. If we look at this list in a year, how many of these beers will change?  I guess there are more of my favorite styles for me to enjoy!
The top 10 beers chosen by beer enthusiasts across the country

For the complete list of top beers, visit the AHA website.

I could get by with this new development with breweries marketing new products. If you make a quality coffee AND beer, you might have a monopoly on my two favorite beverages. 
Oskar Blues Launches Coffee Roasting Company

and finally, my non-beer related story of the day:

You have probably heard the news that Burt, from Burt’s Bees, passed away this weekend.  There is a documentary on him on Netflix and check it out, if that is something that might interest you.  It might make you think differently regarding the faces, and the name, behind your favorite lip balm company.

Burt Shavitz, the Burt behind Burt's Bees, dies at 80

Burt's Buzz - A Documentary