Today's Afternoon Bender features aging unique beer styles, beer as fuel, and some of my favorite written pieces. Yes, Georgia, newspapers do still exist!

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Aged Pumking?  I had never heard of pumpkin beers being aged like this, but I recently saw last year's version on the clearance rack at my local store and I wondered if it still tasted great.  Some people hate the cloying sweetness of Pumking, but it is still one of my favorite fall beers. Thank you Beer loves Company for answering my question. 
Southern Tier Pumking vs Pumking

The American Homebrewers Association (H/T to Destihl Brewery) explains how sour bugs are created. This is very interesting to me especially considering the rise in the prevalence of sour beers in the craft beer landscape.
Sour Microbes: Yeast and Bacteria Explained

How's this for sustainability?
New Zealand Just Figured Out How to Run Your Car on Beer

Another one from VICE, related to all the experimentation we've been talking about lately. This one is very recent, but it just came across Joanna's radar today. Beer brewed with bugs, but maybe not the bugs you're thinking of.
These California Brewers Are Dyeing Beer with Bugs

Six Point and Craftabrew have released a home brew Resin kit, and there's a social media giveaway happening right now. I don’t know if it will be the same though since it'll be missing the stunning SixPoint cans. (Interested in brewing a clone? You can brew your own Union Jack IPA.)
For more information on the kit and giveaway - ends midnight tonight! Sixpoint on Twitter

We want all of the best breweries to come to Chicago and we want them now!  Actually, bring us top-notch beer and we'll take just one new brewery at a time. Josh Noel kills it with this article regarding Almanac beers coming to Chicago soon.
Almanac Beer Co coming to Chicago

Most people don’t understand why Happy Hours don’t exist in Illinois but with recent legislation they could be making a comeback soon.  The owner of Piece Brewery isn’t sure that’s such a good idea. By the way, The Chicago Tribune continues to put our great beer-related content!
Is happy hour coming back? Brewery owner hates the idea

The IPA craze is changing lagers in Wisconsin.  Chris Drosner talks about this new craze in an article for the Wisconsin State Journal. 
Beer Baron: Wisconsin brewers embrace upstart style with two new IPLs

And today's non-beer related item comes from our own Adam Smith. Not only does he love beer and brewing, he loves movies!
How Horror-Meister Rob Zombie Ended Up at the Helm of Groucho Marx Biopic