Today's Afternoon Bender features more brewery coffee (we like coffee, okay?), a favorite brewery expansion, different Chicagoland events, and a great podcast that had us cracking up.

If you have something to contribute to the daily Afternoon Bender send it over, beer-related or otherwise, and we'll credit you in the post. Just remember, good news is rare these days.

I binged-listened to about 20 podcasts from The Beerists yesterday and laughed so hard while also learning a thing or two about beers. I would say they are equal parts knowledgeable, pithy, explicit and educational. Check them out on iTunes, your favorite podcast app or on their website.
The Beerists - For the Love of Craft Beer!

#1 is very interesting, while some of the other rankings are really not surprising.
10 states where people drink the most beer

Brickstone Brewery, brewer of my favorite beer of Q1 - Dark Secret RIS, is building a new production facility. I can't wait to see which new beers from them will blow my mind next. Brickstone Brewery on Instagram

5 grams of protein per bottle, huh? For the combination body builder and craft beer enthusiast.
The First Protein-Focused Beer, Mighty Squirrel, Is Now on Shelves in Boston

Do you have a kegerator at home?  Do you want nitro coffee on tap along with all of your delicious home brew?  The Keg Outlet shows you how to make that dream come true.
How to Setup a Kegerator to Serve Nitro Coffee

Honestly, I had never heard of the U.S. Open Beer Championship before today, but any competition that has Ballast Point, Deschutes and Cigar City at the top of the standings piques my interest.
2015 Unites States Open Beer Championship Website

This is an internal link, but if you aren't checking out our Events page you are missing out on some great beer events. We'll be adding more thing to do in the area each week. I will be at one of the newest additions, the Fangraphs meet up as a featured speaker at the Rocking Horse in Logan Square on 7/16. Come on down and talk with me about beer!
Fangraphs Chicago Meetup on our Events Page

I have not attended one of these events yet, but it is on my list of things to do so I can feel like I contributed to making this world a better place. The concept is simple: everyone donates $100 and a different brewery donates their facility or beer to a specific charity four times a year. Take a second to look at the Hops for Humanity page.
Hops for Humanity Summer Event

As I stated yesterday, I could get down with this new development with breweries marketing new products. Modern Times Brewery let us know on Twitter that they've been roasting coffee since June 2013! They even have a coffee subscription package!
Modern Times Brewing Merch
(Joanna's side note: oooooooooohhhh, that packaging design is TO DIE FOR. I want do order stuff just for the packaging! That coffee cup! I've got like Wile E. Coyote eyes right now, but with hearts in them.)

and finally, my non-beer related story of the day:

I am more of a double-stuff guy, but I could definitely eat a thin version of an Oreo as well, especially considering my waistline has expanded in recent years!
Oreo Releases a New Product, and It’s Not a Crazy Flavor: Introducing Oreo Thins