Back to the grind, everybody. Make it a little less painful with some beer stories in today's Afternoon Bender.

Drew from one of our favorites, 18th Street Brewery, is across the pond in Denmark brewing at WarPigs! Check out the 18th Street Brewery Twitter account for updates.
18th Street on Twitter

Another holiday?! Well, we can’t really complain about this one – it’s National S’mores Day! Here’s a beer infused recipe to help you celebrate.
Stout-Infused Marshmallow & Bacon S’mores
H/T craftbeer_babe on Twitter

This article from CNBC is actually pretty in depth into historical trends and how American tastes have been changing with the craft beer boom. Is ABV a huge factor for you? Do you steer away from high ABV beers automatically?
Craft beers get heavy ... on the alcohol

A couple of these are obvious but I’d a like to try a few of these that I haven’t hear of before. You can find Joanna on Untappd @nietoperek and Adam on Untappd @buttermilk.
6 great apps for craft beer lovers

This is a pretty great idea! I wonder how quickly this will spread to neighboring states?
Indiana On Tap launches first statewide craft beer membership and rewards program

More from Indiana. Here are some new breweries to add to your road trip lists.
6 brewery openings to watch

I really enjoyed reading this article. It makes good use of science, history and seems like the writer has really done their homework here!
Once, All Beer Was Made This Way: The Rebirth of Sour Beers