It's been a busy week here for everyone at BTL, especially our web administrator, Joanna. This week she's been working over at a local brewery you may be familiar with called Lake Effect Brewing Company helping out with labeling their Falcon Dive IPA 6-packs and Vielle Blonde bombers. More to come on that soon enough!

Since you've been deprived of a week of ABs, we present a GIANT Afternoon Bender for your Friday reading pleasure.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

If you missed this floating around Twitter and the internet earlier this week, give it a glance now. It's a great cheat sheet for beer lingo.
'Soft'? 'Hot'? 'Clean'? 7 ways to decode the secret language of beer

General Mills brand Wheaties are collaborating with Fulton beer to produce a hefeweizen. Get this: they are not using Wheaties in the product?!
HefeWheaties is a beer now

"The Beer Institute released a study finding that beer consumption resulted in over $48.5 billion in tax revenue in the United States." CHA-CHING!
Taxing Beer

One of our favorite beers, Hunter Double Milk Stout from 18th Street is available again! I guess I'll be making a quick trip to Gary.
HUNTER Double Milk Stout is back in stock!

We are very excited that Almanac Beer Co. will start distribution next week in Chicago. They also have some great events planned all week too! 
Almanac Beer Co. in Chicago

Speaking of amazing West Coast sours being distributed to Chicago: Good Beer Hunting tweeted that Cascade Brewing will soon be available in the Chicago market.
Cascade signs with MSV Distribution

Is beer a food? The Virginia Board of Health thinks so but the brewers disagree. This means more regulations that would require them to operate similar to a restaurant.
VA Board of health says beer is food

Does this support beer as being a food or is this a food with beer in it? Ha! Whatever it is, it looks great and Joanna can't wait to try to make it herself!
Spreadable Beer Is a Real Thing ... And It’s Delicious

Tired Hands Brewing Company makes an amazing pale ale with oats called HopHands. One of Adam's favorite home brew blogs posted a redux clone recipe and it looks good!
Hop Hands clone recipe

What's that saying? "Necessity is the mother of invention."
Local inventor crafts salt applicator for beer with Mexican twist

Because it's Friday afternoon and we're all children at heart! We just played it and it's pretty fun.
Sierra Nevada Launches Videogame For New Beer

What a great fundraiser for the Chicago-area Brookfield Zoo. It's going to be one of their largest events of the year.
Lions and tigers and beers at Brookfield's ZooBrew

Science, man! Yeast makes beer and now through the wonders of science: opioid painkillers.
The fungus that gives us beer can now produce prescription painkillers