Flipping the calendar to August means we get to choose a new featured style category! Since it’s the last full month of summer, we chose a style that’s not only right for the season but it’s also one of the most popular styles of all: the IPA, BJCP Category 21.  IPAs come in many different varieties and can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods. They’re actually enjoyable in all seasons but there’s nothing like a glass of the hoppy elixir on a hot summer day.

This year the BJCP shook up the IPA category and added Belgian, Black, Brown, Red, Rye and White IPAs. The differences among these IPAs are significant and the change makes sense. The BJCP added some interesting notes regarding the specific intent of calling the category IPA and not “India Pale Ale.” Double IPAs were removed and added to Strong American Ale and English India Pale Ales were also removed and added to the Pale Commonwealth Beer category.  Those will have to wait for another time.

Let it rain hops because IPA month has begun!

We look forward to drinking them with you and hearing about your favorite IPAs.

To learn more about the BJCP program and Style Guidelines visit: http://www.bjcp.org/