Every city needs a map like this. One for craft beer and one for greasy food, etc.  You could just hand every tourist or new resident a pamphlet of maps and they will be just fine.
Brewers' Victoria map directs customers to locally crafted suds

Ladies in the lead again! Deschutes appoints a new research and development brewmaster. Congrats!!
Deschutes Brewery names Veronica Vega as R&D brewmaster

We are longer the 1%, we are the 12%!
Next Round: Craft beer continues its rise

I am not surprised that Atlanta Airport is not on this list. It was Sweetwater 420 or nothing in terms of the craft beer "selection."
8 great airports for beer enthusiasts


Why Good Bars Spray Your Beer Glass With Water

Rogue Ales and Spirits does a great job in documenting the fun and innovative things they have going on in the beverage industry. Now buzz off and read this!
A Bees Eye View Of Rogue Farms

The main reason that I do not use Untappd is because people treat it as an arms race and not as a beer tool. Chelsie from Stouts and Stilettos does a great job of expressing her feelings in this post.
Untappd Is Not A Race: Enjoy The Beer Experience

The Beer Apostle was one of our first non-spam followers on Twitter and I have loved to read his take on the Florida craft beer scene ever since.
Four Beers from Orlando Brewing

Beer and Brewing provides alternatives to the priming sugar pouch in your homebrew kits if you want to stay away from high fructose corn syrup.
Priming Sugar Alternatives

An interesting historical article on Anchor Brewing and how they helped to shape the craft beer industry.
How Anchor Brewing changed the beer business