Guys, we don't know what happened yesterday! This went to publishing and then ? The web is weird.

We're combining yesterday and today into one giant MEGA Afternoon Bender!

Anyway, a huge Happy Birthday to co-founder of BTL Rodney!! The rest of the team is wishing him all the best and many delicious beers in the coming year.

An article after my own heart!
Opinion: Why all craft beer should be in cans

Interesting discourse into the “whiteness” of beer. Diversity is creeping into the beer industry more and more but it still draws up a certain stereotype.
Color of Beer: Addressing Our Whiteness

Yesterday the Cicerone Certification Program made a big change – they added a new level of certification. After looking at the BJCP recently, I think there need to be about 50 levels. Holy smokes, there is a lot of detail in beer!
Advanced Cicerone Certification Announced by Cicerone Certification Program

“Science” we can all get behind – whiskey and beer!
The Secrets to Living to 110 Might Be Whiskey and Beer

I lost the Upland sour lottery but now they are going on sale to the general public.  Do you think that lottery losers should get first shot at them?  What are your thoughts?
Upland on Instagram: Mark your calendars…   

Keystone Light finished a close second in the race to space.
A world-famous distillery is launching whiskey into space for a surprising reason

HomebrewFinds searches the Internet to save you money. This hop sale is perfect our beer style of the month – IPA!
HomebrewFinds on Twitter – 30% off Hops!

False advertising or are they just trying to fit the style?
Red Stripe sued over misleading 'Jamaican' beer claims

This is pretty wild!
Portrait of Australian surfer painted with pale ale beer

The success rates are spotty but breweries are trying anyway.
Craft beer Kickstarters are the hot new trend
P.S. – Help send our own resident brewer Adam Smith to Siebel!

And finally, an update on Wandzia, the Polish beer stealing badger. You should remember her from last week when she shot to fame after downing 7 beers she took from nearby beach-goers. Here’s a video update where she’s still under “light influence” but able to eat lying down.
Drunk Badger Finished 7 Bottles of Beer, Gets Bad Hangover (VIDEO)

Belgium is steeped in brewing tradition but two guys are shaking things up.
Beer-brewing 2.0 in Brussels

Another international story but this one is pretty sad. South Sudan has been embroil in civil war and its symbol of independence, White Bull beer, may be the next victim of the conflict.
South Sudan’s beloved national beer may be the next casualty of its civil war

Okay, people. Are we really going this far? Not sure if we'd be drinking bug beer. How about you?
The next big thing for beer could be bugs, NC State scientists say

5 good basic rules to storing beer from The Thrillist.
The 5 Rules for Keeping Your Beer Fresh & Drinkable

A great listing of happy hour specials all over Chicago now that it's legal again. Whew!! That's a lot of happy-houring!
The Best Happy Hour Specials In 25 Neighborhoods

We'd definitely agree that this is what we've been seeing lately pretty much everywhere. Nothing wrong with it either!
Top 6 Beer Trends of 2015

Food52 (one of Joanna's favorite food sites) gives us a little beer-centric tour of a Milwaukee with plenty to see and do. Their art museum is really fantastic!
What to Do in the City That Puts Beer Gardens in Public Parks

Super excited about this! This is right down the road from where Adam and Joanna live.
Plans For Chicago's First Cider House (and Brewery) Press Forward