Since it's IPA Day 2015, we're going to lead with some IPA themed links for you today!

For our neighbors to the North!
6 Wisconsin ways to celebrate IPA Day

And to the South!
Readers' Choice: Top 20 Indiana IPAs for #IPAday

Do we really need a specific day to celebrate IPAs? According to the numbers out there, seems like we're doing it every day.
Today, and every day, is National IPA Day

I normally tip on the total bill and not on each beer but this is good information nonetheless.
How Much Should You Tip Your Bartender?

National "Whatever" Day is a bit out of control but at least it allows me to read articles on all things oysters - just don't forget about the beer!  Personally, I would choose a nice light lager, like a Pilsner or Kölsch, but stouts do add a nice complexity to the meal.
Half Shell 101

This might be the best thing that Budweiser has going for it and they are getting rid of it?
Gold turns to platinum in Budweiser label revamp

This is a great little piece about the entire life cycle of a beer from the very start to what happens to the spent grain.
A Beer’s Life: From Idea to Finished Product

I hate some of these labels but I am not a professional label designer. I would much rather have a simple label design like Une Annee or Maine Beer Co. than most of the labels on this list.
Professional designer edit by Joanna: Totally subjective. There's a different between using graphic elements and intense illustration, both of which evoke different feelings in the consumer. I like simplicity, but it depends on the branding and feeling the brewery is going for. From this list, my favorites are Evil Twin and Cisco.
The 14 Coolest Beer Label Designs You've Ever Seen

Finally, a reminder that our own Adam Smith is trying to raise some funds to go to the esteemed Siebel Institute in the Fall. His passion and talent are undeniable! Help a brother-in-beer out with a small donation, if you can, or please share on social media! Let's help Adam into the world of professional brewing!
Send Adam to Siebel Institute GoFundMe Page