We've got some great stuff from across the globe from you today in honor of International Beer Day!

What a perfect "holiday" to celebrate on a sunny Friday. Before you can get out and enjoy your favorite beers from around the world, let the Afternoon Bender help you through the last few hours of the workday.

Have a great weekend!

From one “holiday” into another.
International Beer Day 2015: 17 Interesting Facts About The Alcoholic Beverage

And it’s a big deal across the globe!
International Beer Festival in Berlin

It seems like a light news day. Everyone must still be recovering from National IPA Day so here is a little background on the day from the woman who started it, The Beer Wench.  Cheer to many more of these days!
The Beer Wench on Instagram

Adam was a Trappist monk at The Abbey of Saint Sixtus in a previous life.
How a tiny brewery run by monks came to make the best beer in the world

Beer, bacon, and cheese – my three favorite food groups!
Beer Macaroni & Cheese Recipe from Taste of Home

Not sure how much better this can really make a shitty beer but it probably gives it flavor. Pretty good idea! People love stuff like this.
Can a Little Packet Make Macro Beer Delicious?

Oldie, but a goodie: the best beer bars in the world. I have only been to one featured here but I have a few on my list for future traveling.
The 21 Best Beer Bars in the World

We skip across the globe to Japan where a new brewery is creating absolutely no waste, and also using some, in producing their beers. What a gorgeous place.
A Japanese Brewery's Zero-Waste Philosophy Goes Beyond Not Wasting Beer

One more item from Japan. This one is for all our beer glass collectors and aficionados. These are simply beautiful.
Exquisitely blown Japanese beer glasses create serene landscapes while you drink

First We Feast highlights the best “troll beers” in this list. Never heard of one? Check them out!
The Greatest Troll Beers of All Time

This is a pretty nice taxonomy chart about beer with clear and simple categorization. Great for those just starting to navigate the complicated waters of craft beer.
Everything you need to know about beer, in one chart

And finally, a little kitsch with your brew. Who doesn’t love a good koozie?? We probably all have a favorite in the house. But where did they come from?!
A Brief History of America's Favorite Beer Companion, the Koozie