• Name: Joanna J
  • Role in the Beer World: Consumer & sampler, home brewer
  • First Craft Beer you vividly remember: La Fin du Monde
  • Where can people reach you?  Read your stuff, websites, twitter, etc.: Well, here you are, kids! In addition: Instagram @nietoperek and @odinhas3legs

Best of Questions

  • Best Style (or your favorite underrated style): Berliner Weisse, baby! A sparkling, fizzing, tart and refreshing style, almost without fail.
  • Best beer drinking experience that hooked you on craft beer: I don’t particularly know that I have one. I’ve grown into craft beer by proxy. The best craft beer experience I’ve EVER had was just this past year at the 2015 CBS Brewpub Shootout. It was awesome! So many amazing food and beer pairings from so many local breweries and brewpubs. Really incredible.
  • Best Brewery (either for experience, beer, or both): Right now, I am really digging 18th Street down in good ol’ Gary, Indiana. YES in GARY, INDIANA. Their beer is AWESOME. Their food is off the chain! They never disappoint. And I love what they do for the local community.
  • Best Bar(s): Hopleaf, Fischman’s Liquors, and The Garage, all in Chicago. And Uncle Mike’s in Kenosha, right off of the highway!! Killer food, and an amazing craft beer selection.

Quick Hits

  • Last beer you drank? Brasserie De Blaugies / Hill Farmstead La Vermontoise
  • Oldest beer in your fridge/cellar: Sorry, but you’ll really have to ask Adam about this one, guys. We’ve got quite a few things down there, but he keeps the inventory.
  • Brewery you will try any new beer from: Off Color Brewing and, of course, New Glarus!
  • Favorite beer to buy for the following settings:
    • Beach: I just had the Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery, and that would be great for the beach! Brooklyn Brew Summer Ale is also really lovely for a hot day.
    • Dive Bar: Miller me, son.
    • Formal setting: Something in a nice schmancy bottle that would be palatable to a lot of people. Maybe one of the New Glarus fruit beers, or The Sour Note Berliner Weisse, which is super light.
    • For friend who ‘isn’t into craft beer’:  I think it depends what kind of “commercial” beer they like, or if they’re a wine drinker, etc. I’d try to make it about their tastes, and show them that it’s more than just really strong IPAs out there.
  • What was the last beer that wowed you? The Westbrook Gose. Holy Smokes!!

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