• Name: Rodney Knox
  • Role in the Beer World: Blogger would probably be the best term for it
  • First Craft Beer you vividly remember: Lindemans Framboise that my brother gave me when I was under the drinking age.  
  • Where can people reach you?  Read your stuff, websites, twitter, etc.: You are already there!  Also, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @beertasteslike

Best of Questions

  • Best Style (or your favorite underrated style): Porter, stout, wait…Belgian Quad.  I guess it just depends on the day!
  • Best beer drinking experience that hooked you on craft beer: 2013 Dark Lord Day, I was drinking craft beer before that, but I haven’t been the same since.
  • Best Brewery (either for experience, beer, or both): Ommegang or New Glarus for the beauty that surrounds those breweries, but the self-guided tour of Cantillon was remarkable.
  • Best Bar(s): Off the top of my head!  Chicago (Hopleaf) Chicago Burbs (Brixies) Moeder Lambic Fontainas (Brussels)

Quick Hits

  • Last beer you drank? Surly Coffee Bender Ale
  • Oldest beer in your fridge/cellar: 2006 Anchor Christmas
  • Brewery you will try any new beer from: Half Acre
  • Favorite beer to buy for the following settings:
    • Beach: Anything in a can.  Currently, Greenwood Beach Pineapple Wit by Temperance or Daisy Cutter by Half Acre.
    • Dive Bar: Miller High Life
    • Formal setting: A good lambic, or one of the bombers of Goose Island – Matilda, Sophie, etc.
    • For friend who ‘isn’t into craft beer’:  Bourbon County Stout.  People who ‘aren’t into craft beer’ haven’t had high quality beers, so give them something to remember.
  • What was the last beer that wowed you? Side Project Thicket at Dark Lord Day 2015

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